Our Products:

Vegan   •    Cruelty Free   •   Ethical Sourcing   •    Formulated in France

The                                Collection


Our first in-house collection, formulated carefully with our 27 years of experience working with all types of skins. We've used the highest quality ingredients to

give you a long lasting result in no time. All our products are available for purchase at our salons. 


Clarity Water


Refines the pores, prevents whiteheads and blackheads, brightens the skin, removes dead skin cells and deep cleanses the skin in one wipe. Double it up as a brightening mask by placing thin pieces of cotton soaked with Clarity Water on the face 8 minutes.

RM 138


BeLifted Lifting Serum


Plump the lines! Lighten the wrinkles. Lift the saggingcontours! Our 'Age-Correcting' formulation is the answer!

RM 380

Confidence Cream

Confidence Cream SPF 35


One dab and your skin is instantly hydrated, flawles and protected from the sun! Dull and tired skin is a thing of the past. You can now step out with confidence and shine.

RM 250

The                          Collection

Each one of it is a powerhouse designed to transform your skin with amazing ingredients. The Enliven series has an outstanding track record of transforming our customer's skin. All products are available for purchase at our saloons.