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30th Anniversary SALE!


First Trial Promotions


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RESTORE Facelift


  • Skin is firmer and facial muscles lifted

  • Pigmentation and skin discoloration lightened

  • Wrinkles and fine lines reduced

  • Intense build up of collagen and elastin

  • Strengthening of skin tissues


before           after 


  • Brighten & lightens the skin

  • Healing of discoloration scars

  • Increase resistance against sun damage.

  • Stimulate collagen & elastin

  • Reduce scars and sun spots

RENEW Facial

Package Promotions

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  • You will be rewarded with a cash voucher RM100 for every friend you introduce to emma lizs to experience our Anti-Aging treatment for the 1st time.

  • If your friend decided to sign up with us, we will reward you with RM300 cash voucher instead.

  • The cash vouchers can be redeemable for products of your choice or you can offset the cash voucher to any program you would like to sign up.

* The cash vouchers are strictly valid for 3 months only.*


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