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Renew Skin Recovery Facial

RM 430 for 1 session 

RM 3,800 for 10 sessions 

Evens out skin tone, brightens skin, & clears complexion by reducing free radical damage, scars and sun spots. Maintains a healthy environment for great-looking skin. Helps skin resist harmful effects of UV sun rays

  • Brighten & lightens the skin

  • Reduces age spots & freckles

  • Anti free radical to control the production of melanin

  • Healing of discolouration scars

  • Increase resistance against sun damage

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Vitamin E – anti free radicals.

Vitamin C – healing and anti-oxidant.

Kojic Acid – lightens pigmentation and skin discoloration.

Lemon - brightens the skin.

Grapefruit – reduces free radicals.


Non invasive anti-aging facelifts that work at the muscle level to lift, sculpt and replenish collagen and elastin

• No Surgery

• No Injections

• No Filler

• No Downtime

120 minutes per session.

Include eyes, face & neck

UK-trained therapists

Includes foot 


Sheets changed for each customer

Luxurious spa-like environment

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