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Complete whitening skincare range that gives you the fair & flawless skin you’ve always desired.

ReWhite Cleanser

A gentle foam cleanser that helps to cleanse and purify without drying the skin.

ReWhite Serum

A brightening serum that helps to revitalize and brighten skin. It reduces signs of aging like skin dullness, pigmentation, age and liver spots, thick coarse skin and fine lines.

ReWhite Toner

A gentle toner that completes the cleansing process, refines the pores and restores the skin's natural moisture level.

ReWhite Cream

A brightening cream that helps to lighten discolouration such as pigmentation, dark spots, age spots and liver spots. Also helps to keep the skin supple and firm.

ReWhite UV SPF 35

A high protection sunscreen that helps to protect against UVA and UVB sun damage. Helps to keep skin revitalized, smooth and even toned. Reapply constantly to help prevent discolouration and sun damage.

ReWhite Corrector

A booster cream to achieve high intensity brightening using enliven's proprietary's dark spot dispersion formula. This formula blocks epidermal darkening formation to effectively promote lightening effects.

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