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Aging well without fear is liberating.

We bring the most honest and humane anti-aging methods that works.  


A place that treats you with love.

A beauty salon with spa like environment. We take care of every detail to create a sense of tranquility at our boutique outlets. Anyone that walks in here is pampered, honoured, nourished, loved and goes back with a permanent solution to ageing well.    


Honest & humane methods. 

If you realize what your body could do on their own, you’ll ditch all other artificial, harmful and painful ways to look younger. We don’t have a beauty secret, what we have is a profound understanding of the body’s capablity to reverse, renew and maintain the biological clock of each cell. 


Only when you feel good within you, life becomes beautiful.

Harmless, painless, no surgery, no chemicals.

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30 years of expertise

“In an industry filled with superficiality, surgeries, fillers and injections that often leaves your face looking too “done”, puffed-up or with an unsustainable maintenance, we want to bring a holistic, loving  approach to aging well.”  


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On news & media

Local beauty firm donates portion of sales to homes

COSMETICS and beauty company emma lizs Boutique Salon recently announced that it would be chanelling a portion of its sales from its signature products, ReWhite Intensive Set and ResCue Plan Set, to the Rumah Perlindungan Sosial NCWO-YWCA Klang and the City Revival Boys’ and Girls’ Home, Subang Jaya.


Breakfast bash to mark salon’s 18th year

EMMA LIZS boutique salon celebrated its 18th anniversary recently with a breakfast bash at PJ Hilton’s newly-renovated Kristal Ballroom 1.


Uplifting experience

Counter sagging skin and look younger with the help of the Nano Perfector. WHAT if you were told you could get a facelift, and look considerably younger and definitely fresher, without surgery, injections or laser jabs?


Boutique salon helps women bring out inner strength and confidence

HELPING women to bring out their inner strength and confidence, emma lizs boutique salon has planned a workshop for members of the emma lizs Women and Power and Passion customer loyalty card.


Fair and flawless

IMAGINE having skin that looks so good that you don’t need to bother with make-up! Enliven ReWhite from Emma Lizs is a complete brightening skincare range that is claimed to give fair and flawless skin in five ways:


We all know how to keep our bodies fit for summer, but we tend to neglect our face care. Too much fun in the sun can lead to premature aging and skin pigmentation which unfortunately cannot really be avoided if you’re living in a tropical country like Malaysia. However, there is a way to give your face a complete workout and reverse the signs of aging with undoubtedly the best anti aging facial in Malaysia at Emma Lizs Salon.


SunStyle Files

The Online Summertime Magazine

November 2020

It is always said that beauty comes from within. Emma Lizs together with Utara Dietetics have come up with an Inner Beauty set for healthier, youthful skin which also helps in losing weight effectively.


SunStyle Files

The Online Summertime Magazine

October 2020

A woman can be all she chooses to be. A force to reckon with in Malaysia’s beauty industry, Alice Teoh, Founder of Emma Lizs Salon is a stoic advocate of health driven inner beauty that changes lives, and a guardian angel who empowers the lives of women and children with her selfless acts of community service.


Ethel Da Costa

Award Winning Lifestyle Journalist

July 2020

Their flagship salon at SS17 Subang Jaya was where I went to. Each time I arrived, a therapist would greet me by name at the door, offer me a seat on the sofa and then proceed to serve me a warm cup of tea like you would a guest to your home. It almost made me feel like royalty ...


Caroline Donough

Blogger for

June 2019

"Alice Teoh from Emma Lizs Skincare joins us today.  The business has been around since 1993. It’s more than just making you gorgeous by giving you flawless, younger-looking skin but there’s a story of a bold woman behind this business."


BFM 89.9 (radio)
The Business Station

March 2014


Self worth heals.

Our work is devoted to bringing back a fresher and vibrant you, with a deep sense of self-worth.

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